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Teach and create online course on Twigpedia to inspire the public. We provide the best platform for you to teach and find the best students for you to help you make money online.

Why Teach on Twigpedia?

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High Earning Rates

Teaching is one of the most profitable industry where the cost incur is very low. With low commission from our platform, you can earn every more!

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We Bring Students To You

It is hard to find student that pay for your course. No worry, we will bring unlimited amount of student to you and it is free of charge!

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Teach on your own language

Language is no longer a barrier for you to share your knowledge! You can teach on your own mother tongue for best knowledge sharing experience

Hot Topics That You Can Teach Online

You teach, we help to find students

No worry on finding students. We will help to find students for you so that you can concentrate on producing good quality online course that bring impact to the community!


High Revenue Share

The revenue you generated through your online course is yours! We will take small parts of the revenue as a commission, but bigger portion of it is yours!

How teaching on Twigpedia works?

Making money through teaching in Twigpedia is so easy. Follow the simple steps below and you will start making money by selling your online course to the public.

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Step 1: Create Video Course

Plan, create and launch your online course easily with Twigpedia. Upload all the videos with necessary descriptions. After the approval process, your course is live!

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Step 2: Grow student base

Share your newly created course through to your friends or social media. We will also promote your course to help you grow your student base

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Step 3: Start Earning

When students are interested in your course, they register and pay you for your online course. Voila, you start to earn money from online course!

Ready to start teaching?

*Commission Free for 1st month of teaching!

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who has the passion to share their knowledge are welcome to teach on Twigpedia. Teaching on Twigpedia is simple and easy. It helps you to generate and make money online.

You can teach any knowledge that you are willing to share with the public. From professional knowledge to personal knowledge, all are able to teach. We believe knowledge are precious to human being even it is your own personal experience, it can change people’s life too!

Yes, you can promote your courses to achieve a faster student signup rate. If you do not promote is also not a problem. We can help you to promote it to the public.

Yes, we guide teachers to create profitable course. You can contact our tutor support team to learn more

We do our best to ensure all of our teachers make money from our platform. We operates through profit sharing methods where teachers are usually get 50% of its revenue share. In some occasion, teachers get up to 90% of revenue share! This make us one of the best commission rate offered at the moment. To learn more, kindly contact us.