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Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: Go to our website and search for a start teaching button or the the link here

Step 2: Fill up your details to create your user profile as instructor/ tutor.

Step 3: Submit and wait for approval to be a tutor. Get ready for your teaching material now!

Step 1: Go to our website and look for the top of the right sign up button. (You can also use this link:

Step 2: Fill in your details and submit register now

Step 3: Ready to log in and start to learn or teach

Step 1: Copy the link of your course profile

Step 2: Search for the suitable platform to post your course organically/ run paid ads

Step 3: Write an informative description about your course and paste with the link from Twigpedia to share


You can share courses by different ways in social media marketing:

– Linkedin group
– Free inmail messaging


– Facebook group post
– Build a page to attract fans and follower
– Personal posting
– Comment and help others for solution
– Go Live on Facebook. You can use the Live video feature to talk directly with your audience and share updates with them.

Creating webinars and offering tutorials are great initiatives that show you are not afraid to go the extra mile for your students. This type of direct communication reveals a hidden part of your personality, people get to know you better and it builds on trust that nurtures the existing relationship you have with your students.


If any people would like to ask professional questions, u can help to answer at the platform and suggest them with your course link for their further learning. Quora is a helpful marketing tool in terms of generating traffic and gaining awareness. As a Q&A platform, you can create an account, post a question or answer questions related to your course topic.

Search for industry-relevant discussions, share your opinion and include a link back to your course sales page. The more you contribute on the site and provide high-quality answers which get upvotes, the more clicks you will get.

Further information to read blog here on the best organic marketing tips


Steps to create your online course:

Step 1: Pick the Correct & Perfect Course Topic

Step 2: Understand the market demand and target audience of the specific knowledge

Step 3: Create your course outline and structure

Step 4: Craft a production plan and editing

Step 5: Launch and promote your courses to everywhere

More details information to read blog here on how to create a successful online course

Filming, Recording and Editing your Online Course is the most important part to complete your course. Those recommended video production tools are:

  1. Adobe
  2. Animoto
  3. Videostudio
  4. Pinnaclesys
  5. Magisto

Step 1: Log in → Forgot password

Step 2: My account → Insert your username or email to reset password

Step 3: Received email for verification