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Promote Content Organically by 10X

When it comes to digital marketing, natural isn’t exactly better, but it’s still pretty great. When you come by something interesting organically – for example, a new restaurant recommended by a friend – you tend to feel pretty favorable toward it.

This is the goal of organic marketing: to bring people to your website by providing what they need rather than directly advertising to them. The effect comes even stronger.

What is organic marketing?

Organic marketing can generate traffic to your website and business naturally over time, rather than promoting sponsored ads by spending money. Those methods can be in blog posts, tweets, social media group posts, texting in wechat/ whatsapp groups or social media, email, answering questions in forums, creating informative content marketing such as case studies, infographic and more.

So what’s the point of organic marketing?

An organic strategy brings customers to your business naturally over time by not spending money. Instead of directly advertising to your target audience, you’re drawing them in by providing the information they’re looking for. This process is also known as inbound marketing or content marketing.

With that said, there’s no fast track to results. Implementing an organic marketing strategy won’t boost your traffic overnight. In fact, it can take months or years to see the kind of performance you’re looking for.

Once you’ve got that performance, however, you’ve got it for life. Effective organic marketing creates permanent traffic sources to your website. These sources can be pages and blog posts discovery through search, unpaid guest posts on industry blogs, social media updates linking back to your website and more.

Use social media marketing to boost your organic reach

If you’ve got a great content asset on your website that you think will help boost traffic, share it on social media.

Platform choice: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Quora, Forum, Instagram, Live stream and more.

Post type: Increased engagement is great, but traffic is what you really want. What types of posts are best at bringing readers to your website?

Links: You’re trying to boost traffic and generate revenue, so make sure your social posts link back to your website or store in your online course platform in Twigpedia. A simple way to do this is to link each new blog post on your social platforms.

Schedule: What time are people most active on social media? Schedule your posts accordingly for increased your course profile’s traffic.

You can share courses by different ways in social media marketing.


  • Linkedin group
  • Free inmail messaging
  • Daily post and sharing


  • Facebook group post
  • Build a page to attract fans and follower
  • Personal posting
  • Comment and help others for solution
  • Go Live on Facebook. You can use the Live video feature to talk directly with your audience and share updates with them.


  • Creating webinars and offering tutorials are great initiatives that show you are not afraid to go the extra mile for your students. This type of direct communication reveals a hidden part of your personality, people get to know you better and it builds on trust that nurtures the existing relationship you have with your students.


  • If any people would like to ask professional questions, u can help to answer at the platform and suggest them with your course link for their further learning. Quora is a helpful marketing tool in terms of generating traffic and gaining awareness. As a Q&A platform, you can create an account, post a question or answer questions related to your course topic.
  • Search for industry-relevant discussions, share your opinion and include a link back to your course sales page.
  • The more you contribute on the site and provide high-quality answers which get upvotes, the more clicks you will get.

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